The Armored Glove Book by Chinquapin Press

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Duct Tape Fashion are proud to present the famous The Armored Glove Book.

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Since the beginning of civilization, warfare has shaped the destiny of man. The art of battling has now reached a whole new level.


Warfare by Duct Tape!

Re-enact history, defend honor, vanquish the enemy and take dominion... or just plain have fun!

Bring Ancient History to LIFE!

The ARMORED GLOVE BOOK contains complete instructions and full color photos to create this one of a kind armored glove!

This Armored Glove is a replica of what the Medieval Knights of old would have worn in battle. Create a fully workable glove from simple materials and, of course, duct tape!

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“Our highly mathematical equation is… Duct Tape + Boys + Dad + Warfare by Duct Tape Books = LOTS of fun! (And learning too, although Mom keeps that part a secret!) This book includes the necessary vocabulary, along with historical explanations, and it contains many photos and instructions to build every weapon and costume. Even more importantly, the book emphasizes chivalry and honor while helping children (and adults) understand battle strategies. ” –Brandi, Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood blog

“After a quick trip to the hardware store to get some PVC, PVC insulation, and of course duct tape, the boys and their Dad had a blast making their own swords. My husband said the book was nicely done and easy to follow. This was right up my husband’s and boys’ alley and they are already planning out what weapon they will make next. This is a unique and creative activity for all the warriors in your home, and these books would make a perfect project supplement during your ancient history studies too!” -Sarah, My Joy-filled Life blog

“One of the things I really wanted to see was just how easy the instructions were to follow... could my 11 and 12 year old sons do this by themselves? My husband used a saw to cut the PVC pipe, and other than that, I am happy to report that these were indeed made entirely by my kids! Super, super easy! And the best part? They had tons of fun making and playing with them! I was extremely impressed with these toys and how much fun my boys had. Plus, the authors are a homeschooling family with young entrepreneurs! How awesome is that?” –Jaime, Love Bakes Good Cakes blog

“The directions for creating our swords were detailed and easy to follow. Pictures were included every step of the way to help ensure we stayed on track. Several notes were also included to explain why each step was important. We invited several friends over to build swords with us. It was fun to see how everyone decided to personalize their weapons with different duct tape designs.
History has long been our family’s favorite subject to study together and the Warfare by Duct Tape book has been a wonderful addition to our learning. These hands-on building projects have given us an opportunity to cut, form and tape our own weapons and helped us better understand the size and style of weapons we have seen in books and movies. The game descriptions have led us to discussions about topics like chivalry, battle strategy and the historical time periods in which these weapons would have been used.
As much as we have enjoyed using these books, as a homeschooling parent I have to say that what I have appreciated the most about the book is the fact that they have been created by Mark and Steven, brothers and teenage homeschool entrepreneurs! The information and attention to detail included in each book is very impressive.” –Susan, Education Possible blog

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