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Duct Tape Purses
The most popular member in the Duct Tape Fashion family, These purses can have pockets, perfect for all those things women need to carry, compartments, and a strap for carrying. Flap has duct tape fastener, so nothing falls out! Available in small and large, with shoulder/carrying strap. Showcased in Dave Barry's 2002 Christmas Gift Guide!


Color Chart

flat bottom duct tape purse

Flat-bottom Purse 
Round with flat bottom, stands upright

Woven Purses
 Beautiful purses that have been available for a while, but only online now due to popular demand.


Small traditional duct tape purse
Traditional Purse
Just a traditional style for an exceptional purse!



Why Buy?
One of the most unique accessories you can find
Great addition to outfit when trying to make people notice
Remarkably durable, with plenty of room inside.
It's a Duct Tape Purse! What more needs to be said!

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