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Duct Tape Guitar or Bass Strap

Many bands these days, and individuals who play just for fun, wrap part of their guitar or bass straps in duct tape. These straps are 100% duct tape, and fully adjustable. Makes a very noticeable presence on stage, and a nice addition to any music collection.*  Strap is about 60 Inches fully extended, if you wish it longer or shorter, simply note in the order.

My Adjustable duct tape guitar strapSide view of duct tape guitar strap

Mail Order

Color Chart

Traditional Colors, $15
Premium Colors, $17 

Why Buy?
Makes noticeable presence on stage
"Look what I've got" novelty makes you the star of your band!
Great addition to any band!





*Duct Tape Fashion, and Keith Drone assumes no liability or responsibility for damaged equipment. use responsibly, guitars and bass guitars cost money, so don't go and twirl them around by the strap on stage or anything like that. Treat them with care.  Items pictured may vary slightly from actual product received. This is due to the handmade nature of the items and the differences in customer-chosen colors.

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