Glasses/Sunglasses Holder

 These will be available soon.  Please take the poll at the bottom, let me know what you think.

These cases are Ideal for holding your eyewear!  Button-up top and button-on strap in back, make them secure, and easy to attach to your belt, pants, shirt, and more!

The ones shown are my 'Test' subjects. I'll be using them myself to quality check and see what improvements need to be made. In the meantime, let me know what YOU think! 

Glasses/Sunglasses Case?

What do you think of it? What do you want to see?

I like it
I like it, but would change a few things...
I don't like it, but would if you would change stuff (please note on next page what you want!)
I don't like it, and do care what you do with it.
It would depend on the price (click submit, then at bottom of screen post comments)
I would like it with more compartments (pencil holder, calculator pouch, ect)
I would like Something Else (Press SUBMIT and note Comments on bottom of next page!)

Current Results

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