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Duct Tape Backpack ~ Time to get back to class!
The perfect back to school item, the Duct Tape Backpack! This is a standard backpack, with Button-down flaps, Adjustable Straps, and other pockets. If you wish, I can always add more pockets, extra parts, whatever, just let me know in advance, or in the 'note' area in the payment center. Side/sling book-bag style available upon request!

Width/Length - 12inches Height - 12inches depth - 4inches wide
Weight Capacity- Holds Upwards of 20lbs.

Mail Order    Color Chart

front of silver duct tape backpack
Pack has adjustable straps, so you can fit it as you please!
back of duct tape backpack

  Backpack   Traditional Colors $35

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Backpack Premium Colors  $40

Not recommended to exceed 20lbs.  If you carry 20lbs of books please see a chiropractor immediately!   Have him write you a note to get out of taking so many classes.... might work...

Why Buy?
With nearly 3 rolls of duct tape put into it, it's a very strong, durable backpack!
You can't find duct tape backpacks like these ANYWHERE else!  That's because we rock. And roll.  All day long.  

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