Duct Tape Fashion in the News
I've been around, maybe you've seen this before! Here are a list of my appearances in the media, online world, and area.

I've Got A Secret - The remake of the classic game show, Show #245. I won money, plugged my stuff, and they even hired a model to wear a duct tape dress I made.
Ye Olde' TECH TV..... May they rest in peace.
Rolling Stone
Maxim Online - Best of the web 2004
The Arizona Republic
The Chicago Tribune
Dave Barry's 2002 Gift Guide
The Kathy & Judy Show - Station WGN Located in Chicago, Il.
WLS Radio Morning Show- Chicago, Il.
Associated Press News Network - Reaching thousands of newspapers nationwide
Associated Press Radio Network - Reaching hundreds of radio stations nation wide
Paul Harvey News Commentary - The ABC news commentary master himself Click Here for clip
News of the Weird - Famous online e-zine featuring the unique, bizarre, and original. If you've done anything on anything, you are in it!
U.S. Art Magazine of America Volume 20, no.1 January 2001 - Page 23
Spring House Magazine Volume 17 Number 1 February 2000 - Page 6, full length article
Carmi Times- Hometown newspaper (of course)

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