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The Basics
Who is this duct tape guy?
What is this about duct tape anyways?
Where is this guy from?
When did he start, and what is he doing now?
Why duct tape? How did it start?

Other Stuff
Why don't you sell dresses and suits? You've made them before!
Is this for real?
How do you price your stuff?
Where to find and buy COLORED duct tape?
Can I get custom tailor-made stuff out of duct tape?
Will you make me a prom dress or tux out of duct tape?
I've made something out of duct tape too!
Did you really do your car in Duct Tape?
What if it gets sticky?
Who hosts your website?
What Tape do you use?

Duct Tape Use of the Moment
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Who am I?
Just your average guy. I guess I'm somewhat creative, having managed to make a very popular duct tape site!

It's quite difficult for me to do this, because I have a condition known as Tourette Syndrome. It causes involuntary movements and tics, making it incredibly difficult to craft things out of duct tape. One wrong move and whatever I'm making can be ruined. I've had TS since I was 5 years old, and have learned to somewhat control it, though only through the help of God. I have a firm belief in God, and total faith in him. I believe in his son, Jesus Christ; the manifestation of God on earth. Without God's help, I would be unable to go about my day without twitching, quaking, and drawing undue attention to myself.  High school was a beast.

ALL products are 100% duct tape. If there is a confusion between Duct and new tape, don't worry. It is very durable (of course!) and it is fairly easy to work with. Duct tape is a bit more expensive around here, but withstands heat much better. That is why it is called Duct tape, for it is used primarily on heating and air ducts, and so forth. Don't worry though, I've worn my stuff in hot weather, and it doesn't get sticky or uncomfortable, any more that a regular hat/belt or anything. Many people think the hats and wallets will get sticky or uncomfortable in hot weather, and will stick to there money or heads.

They Won't.

The hats are sealed with, what else, Duct Tape. So are the wallets. So if you should wish to wear your duct tape hat in 90 + degree weather there will be no trouble.
Wallets are sealed with, you guessed it, Duct Tape. I've had mine almost 4 years, and it hasn't gotten sticky or worn at all.

I currently live in Nashville, TN.  And, the moon.

I work on my Duct Tape Fashions whenever I can. After work, before work, during work, when I wake up, in between sleep and work.
After I receive a check or other form of payment and order from someone, I start immediately. If I've received your order and money, you should get it within one week, with the exception of the holidays.

Hi, my name is Keith Drone, and I make things out of Duct Tape. In high school, I wore a roll of duct tape to school. Well, the assistant principal and the principal thought this was inappropriate. They wouldn't say why, just said I wasn't allowed to wear a roll of duct tape on my wrist. Well, since I couldn't wear roll of duct tape on my wrist, me and about 200 other people wore duct tape everywhere else. On our palms, back of our hands, hair, clothes, lockers, book bags, and so forth. Needless to say, it caused quite a ruckus (haven't heard that word in a while eh?). Later on, after graduation, I saw some bands wrap their guitar/bass straps I duct tape. So I made an adjustable duct tape guitar strap. It didn't work perfectly, but it worked none the less. I recruited 2 of my friends, Neil Endicott and Ben Arnold to help me with products and ideas. Thus I founded something beyond my imagination. After tri-fold wallets were developed, complete with x-tra pockets and nifty little id holder, they assisted in the perfection of the adjustable guitar/bass strap. Ben designed the first hat. Shortly after I improved the design and decreased potential build time. The belt was right before that. I'm currently working on tool belts, ties, so forth. Now that I have this website, and am making money, I have been told to throw all in the face of my old principal and assistant principal. A while back, Hugh Deneal, my friend and classmate in college, told his brother who works at the Daily Register in Harrisburg, he interviewed me, published the story. It hit many local papers. Then it hit the Associated Press. Mike Rogers from the AP interviewed me and broadcast the radio interview to hundreds of radio stations nation wide, but since they are non-profit, they could not include my e-mail, for it would be too much like an advertisement. I still wasn't selling much. At SIC, the college I attended, students just smiled and nodded and said "Right Keith, sure, duct tape...í and laugh at me. I wore my hat as a sort of walking advertisement. My friends and classmates still didn't take me seriously. Then WGN radio got word. The Kathy and Judy show were impressed and gave me on air live time to talk about my endeavor. I got many calls, and since I didn't have a homepage for the stuff yet, they BOUGHT ME A DOMAIN!! WOO-HOO for them!! Dennis Calhoun of Web Dezign offered to host/store the page Please support me, and even if you don't buy anything. Sign my guest book, give me feedback, anything.


Why don't you sell dresses and suits? You've made them before!
A very good question. Yes, I've made a few dresses and such. I've made more than 250 different items out of duct tape. I don't have all of them on this website because of the amount of time it would take to fill all the orders I would get for dresses, suits, pants, jackets, and so forth
Also, if you are inquiring about a duct tape Prom Dress or Suit, you are probably referring to the 'Stuck At Prom' contest hosted by the Manco company. Since it is a contest to make your own, I believe it more worthwhile for people to make their own, apply their own ideas, and do it themselves for the contest.
Get duct tape here for your prom outfits!
Between college, work, and such, I barely have the time to undertake such projects within a reasonable amount of time. Maybe later on, when I have the time, I will do it but for now, this is it.

Is This For Real?
It sure is! But everything here is just for fun. While I have many things to offer, my full range of Duct Tape abilities is far from being totally utilized.
I wish I had the time and money to go at this full time, but alas, I do not. I add what I can when I can, but due to the amount of time it takes, and that I am only one person, my range is somewhat limited.
But feel free to look around, laugh at some jokes, play some games, and have a good 'ol time!

How do you price your stuff?
Everything I make is handcrafted, without using a mold, form, webbing, or anything else. That's one of the things what makes my duct tape fashions so unique. When I set prices, I factor in a number of things.
First, there is the amount of time it takes me to make a single product. Some take an hour, like the wallets, while others take upwards of 3-4 hours, like the hats and purses.

Second, the amount of material used. I use different brands of Duct Tape for different parts of my products, so this forces me to go through a great deal of duct tape! But it also ensures the longetivity of my products, strength, durability, and looks.

Third, There is Shipping. It can cost anywhere from $2 to $7 depending on the product. A backpack costs more to ship than a wallet!

Will you make a prom dress or tux for me?
Most people who ask this question are doing so in reference to the 'new Tape Prom' contest run by the Manco corporation, manufacturers of 'new' brand tape. If this is the case, I truly suggest you try to fashion your own duct tape prom outfit for the contest yourself, as it IS a contest for YOUR skills.

If you are wanting one otherwise, probably not (don't give up hope, Keep Reading!). It takes too much of my time, and there are precise measurements that have to be checked, used, re-checked, re-measured, and so forth. Then, if it's the wrong size, we have to go through all the trouble of shipping it back, and then making changes, and sending it out again. I am a perfectionist.

Good quality tape is what you will need if you are going to do this. You can buy it directly here from me, it is what I would use!


On special occasions I've made them. For example, the Canadian comedy film 'Duct Tape Forever' produced by the Red Green show, I made a dress because they specifically requested it for their movie. Also, for my appearance on the hit game show "I've Got A Secret" I made a duct tape dress to be shown by a model on the set. The show aired originally November 15th 2001 on the Oxygen Network, and the Game-Show Network. I have a page up here about it.

What You Should Know
But Dresses and a Tux, that is going to be a VERY difficult project! I should warn you right now, before I go any further, as to the consequences of what you are planning. Duct tape gets very hot, and dances and school events such as prom are notorious for lack of A/C (believe me, it gets bad!). If you make 100% duct tape outfits, make sure that they breathe, are baggy enough to accommodate airflow, and don't chafe you by being too tight. Second, they will wrinkle quite a bit if not properly done. By the end of the night, depending on your activity moving around, dancing, letting dogs loose in the principal's office while the faculty is occupied (or was that just MY prom?), your outfits may be very wrinkled, folded in odd places, and creased. The heat will also cause this.

Good quality tape is what you will need if you are going to do this. You can buy it directly here from me, it is what I would use!

I've made something out of duct tape too!
That's not really a question, but I get that a lot. Yes, there are others who make duct tape stuff, mostly they make the wallets and go no further. Kudos' to those who take it to the limit!

If you've made something really special out of duct tape you think warrants attention, let me know by clicking here. If I like it, I'll put up a page detailing it for you. I love to hear from fellow 'Taper's' so drop me a line!

Also check out the User Uses page to let me know your idea! And yes, there are several wonderful people who go further than I. Check out the Duct Tape Guys!

Did you really do your car in Duct Tape?
Ah yes, Ye 'ol Duct Tape Car. I needed a new paint job for my car, so I used duct tape!! This cause quite a bit of notoriety in my hometown, and after a while it was recognized all the way from St. Louis to Springfield Illinois! After that, it seemed like I couldn't get pulled over anywhere for speeding, you'd think the police would be embarrassed to say they pulled over a car covered in duct tape :-)

The original paint job was blue, and started coming off in 1998. Friends; Skippy, Stephanie, and Nick all helped me get the car perfectly duct taped in 2 days! For quite some time, people couldn't tell it was duct tape, since we did such a good job, it appeared as a regular gray car!

What if it gets sticky?
Duct tape is by its very nature, sticky. I haven't had any problems with my own items getting sticky, but it might happen.

This is usually due to body heat. Don't worry, it won't last. Once the adhesive is exposed to the air, it nullifies the sticky effect.

If you encounter a problem with the items you have becoming sticky, I suggest WD-40. Spray a little on the sticky spots, let it sit for about 3 minutes. Then, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe it down. Voila'! Problem solved!

Who Hosts Your Website?
My website is hosted by Dennis and Judith Calhoun, of the Web Dezign Shop Inc. They are wonderful people, who have given me a great spot on the web. They help me whenever I need it, provide tech support and advice quickly and accurately. I sincerely recommend them if you are looking for a good place to host your web page! Make sure you tell them that Keith from sent you!

What Tape Do You Use?
Depending on what kind of, and what part of, the product I'm making, I use different brands of tape.
You can buy good quality duct tape here if you wish.

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