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Toni Anne Straw's Duct Tape Canvas

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Our friend on Facebook Toni Anne Straws from DuctTapeFabulous share this beautiful duct tape canvas with us.

Toni was inspired by her favorite shirt, which she bought years ago at a reggae festival. To get started, she made copies of the image on her shirt, then she cut out the shapes of the face and the hat and used them as stencils to trace the shapes on a big piece of paper. Once the shapes were traced, she filled them in with large pieces of black tape.

Next she made stencils for the main shapes in the hat before she cut the shapes from duct tape. She did the same for the earrings and necklace, and she fre-handed the dreadlocks and accents like the beads, eyes, and shirt.

Toni says this project took her about 6 hours to complete. Great job, Toni! Thanks for sharing it with us.

All the duct tape used in this project is available at The following duct tape was used:

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