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Pink Optical Illusion Designer Duct Tape from JFL

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20140924 optical illusion

New in stock at, this pink Optical Illusion Designer Duct Tape is a great pattern for duct tape crafts.  Today we're giving a roll away over on our page on Facebook.  If you missed out on this giveaway, like us on Facebook, and you'll have the opportunity to participate in another duct tape giveaway very soon.  You can buy pink Optical Illusion Designer Duct Tape for your duct tape craft ideas at

Hello Halloween!: Hello Kitty Duct Tape Craft Idea

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20140914 hello kitty halloween

Our friend Rachel Rebecca Heimberger on Facebook shared this super fun Halloween duct tape craft idea.  Everything about this Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern is made with duct tape -- except the pumpkin of course. Rachel has more of her crafts on her YouTube channel, and you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.  This is part of our #iwantducttape Halloween Giveaway, which you can still enter, find out more about the #iwantducttape Halloween Giveaway

Duct Tape Mummy Juice Boxes

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20140909 duct tape mummy

Our friend Kristen Logan from our page on Facebook share this great Halloween duct tape craft idea.  Kristen used white duct tape to transform juice boxes into little mummies for her daughter's classroom Halloween party.  She submitted this as part of our #iwantducttape Halloween GIVEAWAY.  Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

You can get duct tape for your duct tape craft projects at 

Duct Tape Skull Purse

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20140905 skull bag

Our Facebook Friend Ashley Kulp shared her duct tape purse with this awesome skull design.  Ashley says that everytime she gets a new duct tape, she adds a little bit to the design on this purse.  Thanks for sharing an awesome duct tape craft idea, Ashley!  You can get duct tape for your own duct tape crafts at

Halloween #iwantducttape Giveaway

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20140905 haloween

GIVEAWAY! It’s time to start working on Halloween Duct Tape Crafts. Between now and September 26, share your best Halloween Duct Tape Creations. We’ll feature your work on, and on Friday, September 26, we’ll randomly pick one of the entries to win all 8 rolls of the Halloween themed duct tape displayed here. Enter as many times as you like. To enter, simply post your photo with the hashtag #iwantducttape on the Page on Facebook.

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